What’s the Harm in Waiting?

You needed a couple of fillings a few years ago. You now have one or two teeth that feel loose, your gums are sometimes sore, and you’ve tried chewing gum, mouthwash, and even eating parsley to get rid of your bad breath. But you hate—absolutely abhor –going to the dentist. So, you think:

“What’s the harm in waiting to get fillings?”

Cavities, also called tooth decay, are symptoms of the disease dental caries. Most people don’t consider a cavity sign of a disease, but it is. And, like most diseases in our bodies, dental caries can grow and worsen until serious health problems. The disease is considered “silent” because it can sit dormant for years without causing cavities.

Did you know? Tooth decay is the most widespread childhood disease,
and it is considered a pandemic.

Tooth decay won’t just naturally go away once it begins. The bacterial destruction must be removed, along with the bacteria, and the affected tooth must be repaired. Left untreated, tooth decay can spread to surrounding teeth or extend deep into a tooth, necessitating root canal treatment or extraction. Other complications include abscess and infection in the blood stream. Has anyone died from a dental cavity? People have died from the infection caused by cavities, though mortality is rare in the USA.

Did you know? Dental caries is usually passed from parent to child during infancy.

You can deter cavities and suppress dental caries by attending regular preventive checkups and cleanings. For patients who have psychological issues about dental care, checkups and cleanings are often postponed, as is all dental work.

As a sedation dentist, I respect and understand dental fear, as well as the more severe form, dental phobia. If you avoid preventive and restorative dental care because of anxiety and stress regarding dentists or dental procedures, email or call Back Mountain Dental to discuss comfortable treatment options. Whether you don’t like dental procedures or you can’t even visit a dental office without feeling intense anxiety, I can help. I’m Dr. James DeFinnis, and I offer various forms of sedation dentistry, including oral and IV sedation.

You can have peace of mind and body at the dentist’s office. Don’t let dental disease destroy your smile, your health, and your life. Let’s talk.

Email appointment@backmountaindental.com or call 570-763-4360 to reserve an appointment in my Trucksville, PA dental office. I cater to dental phobic patients from Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and across the State of Pennsylvania.

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