Dr. DeFinnis’ Experience and Your Experience with Sedation Dentistry

I would not claim to be a sedation dentist without credentials to back it up. I’m Dr. James DeFinnis, and as a sedation dentist, I offer IV sedation to help people overcome their fears, stress, and phobia of dentistry, as well as physical limitations that make dentistry uncomfortable.

If you read no more of this blog, read this: you can feel calm and confident at the dentist’s office. It may not seem so now, but I’ve seen the most phobic of patients realize a rewarding dental experience at Back Mountain Dental.

So what makes me the expert at sedation dentistry? You might think it’s my training. After earning my dental degree at Temple University School of Dentistry, I continued my training to learn more about sedation dentistry and patient comfort. So many people – about half of Americans – don’t visit the dentist, and science has proven the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health. I wanted to help people who avoid dental care because they’re scared or have had traumatic experiences. As a dentist, I believe it’s my calling and privilege to help fearful patients find peace of mind and body so that they can enjoy optimal oral health and a comfortably functioning, absolutely gorgeous smile. After dental school. I attended the Frank Spears Mastery Continuum and Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

You might think I’m a sedation dentistry expert because of my experience. I have taken many courses in sedation dentistry, and honed my skills through years of treating patients. Back Mountain Dental opened in 2000, so I’ve been treating patients for over a decade. It thrills me to hear patients say things like: “You’re the BEST!” Day after day, I see people overcome first their fear of dentistry, then their embarrassment and self-consciousness. When a dental phobic patient undergoes restorative dental work, the mental transformation is more impressive than any physical change. People feel happy again. They share their smiles. They start down the path to a higher quality style of life, with better health and better self esteem.

The truth is, I’m an expert at sedation dentist because I listen to my patients and address their concerns individually, helping them overcome fear, anxiety, and stress on a personal level. In short my team and I love people. We love helping people. It brings us more joy than you could imagine when we change lives through sedation dentistry. All of my patients have unique concerns, unique stories, and unique fears. They may also have physical issues, like a sensitive gag reflex, a bad back, or a medical condition that does not allow them to sit still in a dental chair. All of these issues can be addressed and overcome with IV dental sedation.

If you’ve avoided the dentist for years, contact me. You can call 570-696-1105 or email appointment@backmountaindental.com. I will help you, and together, we’ll give you a reason to share your smile.

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