Truths About Dental Fear

Everyone fears something because fear is part of being human; it’s part of our survival instinct. Survival is good! Sometimes, however, we fear things that could help us, not harm us. For many, fear of the dentist leads to poor dental health, which inevitably contributes to poor overall health.

  • If you fear dentistry, you believe that something negative will happen at your dental visit.
  • If you fear dentistry, you probably experience physical sensations (nausea, sweating, dry mouth, anxiety, to name a few) when faced with a dental visit.
  • If you fear dentistry and recognize your fear, you can embrace it and make a conscious decision to work through it.
  • If you fear dentistry, your fear will probably intensify as your dental appointment nears, then reach a peak when you are actually at the dental office.
  • Fear is real and can be debilitating, but it is an emotion that can be controlled, in some cases with medication.

So, you need to know, fear is normal. Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental understands fear. He has studied fear and fearful patients, and he has a solid understanding of how to help his patients overcome their fear. As a sedation dentist, Dr. DeFinnis offers many types of medication, ranging from oral sedation to IV sedation. He can analyze your level and type of fear, then recommend the best solution for your situation.

The first step is for you to communicate your feelings with Dr. DeFinnis. You can certainly call the office at 570-763-4360. Or, if you prefer, email him at By contacting Dr. DeFinnis, you aren’t committing to an appointment. He’ll answer your questions and help you determine the next steps.

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